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Post  Apathy on Sun Mar 27, 2011 6:33 pm

All studios have rules. Let's get started.

1. Be active on the forum, you don't have to post in the games and such, but you do need to post in the announcements and MEP discussions, just so we know you're active in the studio.
2. Be kind, considerate of all leaders and members.
3. Please make your icon your rep character. It's easier this way.
4. Please make your username on the forum either your MAIN youtube channel's name, nickname, or your real name.
5. No double posting. Just use the edit option.
6. Only leaders can post a new thread in announcements and the MEP sections. You're free to post anywhere else in your emotion's section and the fun chat.
7. Watch your language. What you say may be ok in your household but some may take offense to it.
8. Only post in your emotion's section. This does not apply to the leaders of the studio.
9. If you are having any problems with any of the members, please tell a leader about this immediately. Fighting on the forum will result in the person starting this, or both of you if you are continuing the argument, to be kicked out. This applies to everyone.

10. As it was stated above, please be active in these discussions. A studio can't run with one or two members contributing.
11. Have all of your MEP parts turn into your emotion's leader on time.
12. If you want to quit the studio, you need a good reason. Otherwise, quit a studio you recently joined. We want to be successful.
13. Work your HARDEST on mep/worm parts. We accepted you for a reason. Your talent. Just because you are in doesn't mean you can slack off.
14. Signing up for this studio, you knew it was Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy based. Respect this. Effects, scenery are allowed in MEP parts, but please follow the guidelines. Don't make it all Fatal Frame of Devil May Cry.

15. It is recommended that you add the channel to your friends list. Makes sending out personal messages MUCH easier and lets YOU get the information quicker. Copy/Pasting usernames takes a while. xD
16. It's NOT required you subscribe the channel. You want to? Go right ahead! If you'd rather not, don't feel pressured to.

Consequences and Questions
Violating any of these rules will result in a warning on your standing in this studio. We don't want to have to kick anyone out since you are all very good editors, but if it's needed we can easily replace you.

If you need to talk to any of the leaders and no one is responding to PMs on the studio's youtube channel or the forum. Please send a PM to your emotion's leader.

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